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One of the best casino games is video poker since the payouts are higher than most games. It is a high rollers game of choice as some of the largest wins do come from playing video poker and online casinos have decent payouts as you would find in land casinos.  The best odds are on games like the double bonus where you win more with four of a kinds.  Straight jacks or better is a give and take game but you just never hit a decent win unless you hit a royal flush.

Some of the perferred games of today at online casinos are the spin poker with multiple pay-lines where you could hit more than one royal flush in a single spin. Another good option for playing the video poker is the level ups where you have 4 rows of cards, if you win on the first hand you move to the next one, and so on. The kicker to this is as you go up levels the payouts are higher with a times factor. So it is possible to win 20k on the top hand if you hit a royal flush.
Online casinos give players free play bonuses which can be used on the video poker games and along with those types of bonuses players can get no deposit video poker bonus at certain casinos. However the best option if you want to play these games is to collect a deposit bonus as you will gain more play for your money. You can also play free video poker if you just log in as a guest player. Which might be a good idea so you can understand the different version the casinos offer and get a feel on how you want to place your bets on the games.
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With the number of online casinos comes choices, including playing the no download video poker casinos which is offered by Microgaming. This is considered instant playing making it simple to enjoy the games without the long wait of downloading the software. Mobile versions of poker are available at selected casinos.  Find so outstanding promotions including no deposit casino bonuses especially the ones with free play bonuses that does allow the promotion to be used on a variety of video poker games.   Copyright 2015 - 2005